Lost Souls Production

The cast and crew, who transported audience's imaginations from the cold Chapel of Kensal into the warm memory banks of Soho.

The breathtaking chapel that plays host to Intervention Gallery.

The Intervention Gallery at the Anglican Chapel, Kensal Green Cemetery.

The cast and crew, pre-show start. Not nervous at all.

Waiting around, for "Curtains up!"

Looking out onto Kensal Green Cemetery.

There's life in the old chapel yet.

Orlanda Bryars

Charming angels, designed onto the stained glass window inside the Anglican Chapel.

A perfect rehearsal. (L-R: Orlanda Bryars, James Cave, Chris Little, Ziella Bryars and Bethan Ellis.)

A silent rehearsal.

Composing for a composition.
(L-R: Bethan Ellis, James Cave)

The stage is set.

Echoes of a delighted audience.


The singer, the percussionist, the candlestickmaker-I mean-composer, and the violinist. (L-R: Orlanda Bryars, Chris Little, James Cave, Bethan Ellis)

The audience return.

Lessons in Walkers Court. Performed by Sue Conlon, written by Craig Donaghy.

Not the rehearsal. (L-R: Chris Little, Orlanda Bryars, Ziella Bryars, Bethan Ellis)

Diadem Court. Performed by Hannah James, written by Chris Brandon.

Hannah James performing to Diadem Court.

A Room on Greek Street . Performed by Jolyon Coy, written by Ziella Bryars.

Kingly Street Cool. Performed by Natalie Dew, written by Lisa Ommanney.

The Life Man of Portland Mews. Performed by James Rigby, written by Tom Mison.

Evening creeps up at the Anglican Chapel.

Lost souls.

“A night of specially commissioned monologues, each set in a different street in Soho. The event was originally inspired by the short story ‘Standing on Richards’ by George Bowering, a piece about a man on the corner of Richards Street and Helmchken Street in Vancouver, Canada.” (The Intervention Gallery)

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